Available in 5 different configurations

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Since 2002, Rothstein Guitars has been building high quality prewired "drop-in" Strat® assemblies. These use only the finest electronic components, and offer player a great degree of versatility. All components are treated with Caig Deoxit for long trouble free use. They feature our custom made copper shields, only available at Rothstein Guitars. Our most poular H-S-S Strat offering is the 11 Combo with Dial-A-Tap. . Read about the available wiring configurations below. Strat assemblies come loaded with the finest pickups by manufacturers including Joe Barden, Lindy Fralin, Curtis Novak, Arcane, McNelly and DiMarzio. Are Strat assemblies are also available with a solderless option, making installation a snap!


We are offering the following 5 wiring configurations


DIAL-A-TAP - This is a very cool way to set up a Strat for Humb-Single-Single operation. The first tone control is a master tone which controls all pickups. The lower pot is a Dial-A-Tap which means you can dial in just the right amount of the split humbucker. It will short out the "screw coil" and leave in the "slug coil" (the slug coil is the one furthest from the bridge).

11 COMBO WITH DIAL-A-TAP - Same as above, only this comes with a neck-on Switch to get 11 pickup combinations. Click here for more details about this.

LONESTAR (Auto-Tap) - This wiring features "auto-tapping" of the humbucker as soon as the 5 way switch hits position 2. Position 1: Bridge Pickup (Both Coils); Position 2: Bridge + Middle Pickups (Bridge Pickup Tapped); Position 3: Middle Pickup; Position 4: Neck + Middle Pickups; Position 5: Neck Pickup. A Super Switch (5 way, 4 pole) is used so you can have two tone controls and still tap the humbucker automatically when you switch to the 2 position. The tone controls use different capacitors rather than sharing one. The top tone control (for the two single coils) uses a .047uf capacitor, while the bottom tone control (for the humbucker) uses a .022uf cap (.022uf is the de facto standard for a humbucker)

ROTHSTEIN "SMART" LONESTAR (Auto-Tap) - Mod to the aforementioned Lonestar wiring so that the humbucker sees 500K pots and the single coils see 250K. Click here for more details about this.

JIMMIE VAUGHN STRAT WITH COIL TAP - Coil tap is engaged by a push-pull on the first tone control. The first tone control affects positions 4 and 5 of the selector switch only (neck and neck/mid) and the second tone control affects positions 1 and 2 only (bridge and bridge/mid). The only position without a tone control is position 3.