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We have been building these high quality varitone switches since the year 2000, and have installed them in countless customer guitars. They have been used by thousands of players worldwide ranging from touring pros to weekend warrirors. Our customers have been telling us this is by far the best sounding one on the market. Please listen to the samples below to see if you agree.

There are a lot of factors separating our varitones from that of the competitors.

  • For starters, the small details matter. You will notice that all sensitive connections are insulated with heat shrink tubing, an not simply wrapped in electrical tape.
  • Each unit is hand wired using only top notch components and vintage style cloth wire.
  • Each unit is treated with Caig Deoxit for long trouble free operation.A
  • The type of switch we use will minimize any poppng noise, which is a common problem on Varitone controls.
  • A very important thing is that we are using a choke, and many of our competitors are selling these with just capacitors.
  • You will notice we include rubber washers, which we find the best way to mount these into guitars & basses to avoid slippage. Again. the small details matter.

Platinum Lab V6 Varitone (for Guitar)

What does it sound like? The cool thing is that depends on how it is applied:

  • If you play in a strumming/jangly fasion with with a reasonably clean tone, you will find the filter will make the guitar sound more and more acoustic like as you progess through the filters. Check out the following sample of me playing a lightly gritty jangly strumming pattern using the bridge pickup of my Gibson Pat Martino customs shop.


  • If you play chunky rhythms with distortion, you will find the guitar will sound more "single coil like" and nastier/gritter and less smooth as you progress through the filters. Check out the following sample of me playing a Hendrix Voodoo Chile "like" lick with distortion using the bridge pickup of my Gibson Pat Martino customs shop


Here is a summary of the 6 positions:

Features 5 interesting tonal filters plus a true-bypass position

Position 1 = true bypass

Position 2 = subtle cut of highs - softens up a harsh tone

Position 3 = clapton style "woman tone" - works great with overdrive for a nice creamy distortion

Position 4 = scooped mids (my favorite sound!!)

Position 5 = deeper scooped mids- similar to five but at a different frequency

Position 6 = darker jazz tone

Comes with Chicken Head knob, but you can put any knob on this provided it tightens with a set screw.

1-5 dial plate available for $10 extra.

Platinum Lab V6B Varitone (for Bass)

Voiced for a bass guitar.

  • 5 interesting tonal filters plus a true bypass setting
  • Voiced for a bass guitar
  • Easy installation - just connect 2 wires, one to hot and the other to ground
  • Includes detailed instructions.
  • 1-5 dial plate available for $10 extra.