Available in 7 different configurations

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Since 2002, Rothstein Guitars has been building high quality prewired "drop-in" Strat® assemblies. These use only the finest electronic components, and offer player a great degree of versatility. All components are treated with Caig Deoxit for long trouble free use. They feature our custom made copper shields, only available at Rothstein Guitars. Our flagship product is our very own Voodoo Tone® Monster Strat assembly featuring series/parallel swithcing, 9 pickup combinations and a passive midrange control. Read about the available wiring configurations below. Strat assemblies come loaded with the finest pickups by manufacturers including Joe Barden, Lindy Fralin, Curtis Novak, Arcane, McNelly and DiMarzio. Are Strat assemblies are also available with a solderless option, making installation a snap!


We are offering the following 7 wiring configurations



          Voodoo Tone - Have you ever asked the question: "why do I really need two tone pots to control different pickups on a Strat?" I've wondered the same thing myself which is whyI love this mod. Both tone controls function as master tone controls. One tone pot is a standard tone control that cuts highs. The other tone pot is a passive midrange control that enhances mids from 5 to 10 for a thicker sound, and scoops mids from 5 to 0 for a glassy almost acoustic like tone. Read more about the passive midrange mod here. This is totally passive and requires NO batteries and NO body routing at all.

          Voodoo Tone Plus - Same as the Voodoo Tone wiring above only this comes with a trick "neck-on" switch. The neck-on switch mounted on the tone control has a push-pull pot which is used to engage the neck pickup at any time, regardless of which position you have selected using the 5 way switch. This allows you to get the two missing sounds from a strat namely neck/bridge (think Tele like tone) and all three pickups on at the same time.

          Voodoo Tone Monster - This is our most popular Strat assembly and it is unique to Rothstein Guitars. It is exactly the same as the Voodoo Tone Plus (above) only this includes 3PDT (3 pole double throw) mini switch to engage the bridge and middle pickups together in SERIES mode for a louder sound with more bottom. Most people use DPDT (double pole double throw) switches for series/parallel switching but the problem we have found with this approach is that when the series link is active, several positions of the 5 way switch produce no sound at all. Our solution is to use the extra pole provided by the 3PDT switch to simply bypass the 5 way. Think of it as a kind of "blow" switch. You can read more about this mod here. Note: This pickguard has an extra hole drilled to accommodate the 3PDT switch.

          Fralin Blender - A blender pot replaces one of a Strat's tone controls, and allows you to combine the neck and bridge pickups together. Blenders are "no-load" pots modified to eliminate bleed-through when turned fully clockwise. When the blender pot is fully clockwise it is completely removed from the circuit and does not load the guitar's circuit in anyway shape or form. Turning the pot counter-clockwise will blend in either the neck or bridge pickup, whichever is not engaged by the 5-way switch.

          Fralin Blender Plus - Very cool and unique to Rothstein Guitars!!! It is exactly the same as the Fralin Blender (above), only the tone control is replaced by one of our "Mid-Scoop/Tone Switches" mounted on a push-pull pot. When the switch is down this functions as a standard tone control. When the switch is up it scoops mid for a glassy, almost "acoustic" like quality.

          Jimmie Vaughn - This is basically stock strat wiring but some feel this is a more useful way of employing two tone controls. The first tone control affects positions 4 and 5 of the selector switch only (neck and neck/mid) and the second tone control affects positions 1 and 2 only (bridge and bridge/mid). The only position without a tone control is position 3.


          Stock - Basic 60's stock strat wiring where the first tone control affects positions 4 and 5 of the selector switch while the 2nd tone control affects positions 2,3 and 4.