Available in 5 different configurations

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Since 2002, Rothstein Guitars has been building high quality prewired "drop-in" assemblies for the Jazzmaster® available both. These prewired Jazzmaster® assemblies use only the finest electronic components, and are even 'period correct' with regards to the color coding of the vintage style cloth wire. All components are treated with Caig Deoxit for long trouble free use. They feature our custom made copper shields, only available at Rothstein Guitars.


We are offering the following 6 wiring configurations


          Vintage - This will be "vintage correct" including the proper color coded vintage style cloth wire (black, white, yellow, red, blue and green). The only enhancements over vintage wiring will be the inclusion of a treble retention circuit (volume kit) and our high quality copper shield.

          JM-180 - Your pickup will have 2 modes: normal gain and high gain! No batteries, no preamps, just 2 version of a pickup in one. Curtis Novak's amazing JM180 pickup is built on his very popular JM-90 platform, but takes this great pickup to a whole new level. Like with his JM-90 this will fit in a standard Jazzmaster pickup route.

          STB Super Mod - This mod features dual volume controls in the lead circuit, a PTB tone stack in the rhythm circuit, and series/parallel switching via the slide switch. This is the mod we demonstrated in the Reverb Tank article titled "Jazzmaster Wiring Mods".

          Bypassable Dual Dial-A-Tap- Check out Sounds Samples Here. This is very cool with no visible changes, and specifically designed to work with Curtis Novak's humbucking Jazzmaster® pickups. My intention was to add a lot of versatility to the Jazzmaster. I find that you can get a really versatile range of sounds for styles of music ranging from punk to bebop to hard rock without sacrificing the required "twang" for that classic surf sound. The dual dial-a-tap controls allow you to blend in the desired amount of coil tap. When fully tapped the 2 pickups are still hum-canceling because one pot shorts the north coil of one pickup and the other pot shorts the south coil of the other pickup. In addition, the mod is completely bypassable (think true bypass) using the slide switch.

          S15 - Dynamically transform your Novak Bridge pickup from 4K to 8K to 12K to 16K AT THE FLICK OF A SWITCH! Get 15 sounds out of your bridge pickup!! - Read more about it and listen to sound samples Here. Curtis Novak and I have teamed up to develop this very exciting and unique mod for the Jazzmaster® that will give you 15 killer sounds out of your JM bridge pickup, while leaving the rest of the guitar circuit exactly the same. We are not talking about 15 filters. We are talking about transforming your pickup from one voiced for clean tones at 4K, to a thicker version at 8K, to one voiced for crunch at 12K to another voiced for a hard edge at 16K. It will provide you you with the ultimate combination of tone and versatility, it is really easy to use, and it looks really cool to boot!!!

          Barden Two/Tone

          The HB Two/Tone is a full-sized dual blade humbucker pickup mounted into a Jazzmaster cover. The amazing thing is this pickup has 2 modes: Full Humbucking mode, and Single Coil sounding mode. But get this.....both modes are dead quiet!! No 60 cycle hum is anywhere to be found.