All sound samples were produced by micing a Rivera Fandango amp.
No other effects were used other than the Notch Rockit

Notch Rockit is a high-end clean boost pedal providing you with up to 20 db of clean gain. This is the only clean boost on the market with notch filters. The pedal is built around a AD822 FET based Opamp (Field Effect Transistor). The beauty of FETs is that when pushed they exhibit a "tube like" quality. The pedal has true bypass switching, and is hand built using only the finest components.

You can use the pedal in 3 main ways:

  1. To provide you with a non-distorted gain boost without coloring your sound
  2. ...or, to color your sound in a whole bunch of very musical ways ranging from fixed midrange cuts, tube like grit when pushed, as well as a tone pot that will alter treble from flat to boosted
  3. ...or, you may use it as an attenuator. You can crank your amp up to 9 or 10, yet leave the volume on the Notch Rockit down low and you will get that great high gain sound out of your amp but at "bedroom" level volume without any tone sucking.
  4. ...or, you may simply use it as a high quality "buffer" enabling you to retain your high end, even over long cable runs.

Features at a glance:

  • Thickens up your tone with amazing fat and clean gain
  • Many tone shaping tools are at your disposal, featuring 5 notch filters as well as treble shaping
  • FET design + top notch components = great tube like tone!!
  • High Input Impedance (1M) and Low Output Impedance (10K) means there is NO tone sucking and it will interact extremely well with your other pedals.
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Powder coated finish with professional screen printed graphics.
  • Hand built in the USA by Rothstein Guitars


  • Volume
  • Tone - treble control to alter your tone flat (on 0) to boosted (on 10)
  • Gain - ranging from flat (on 0) to 20 db (on 10)
  • Notch Filters - a set of 5 fixed filters and a bypass as indicated below:
  • Position 1 = true bypass
  • Position 2 = approximate notch frequency 2.3 khz
  • Position 3 = approximate notch frequency 1.0 khz - works great with overdrive for a nice creamy distortion
  • Position 4 = approximate notch frequency 750 hz - killer scooped mids! Works great when playing clean funky rhythms, also will make a humbucker sound single-coil like
  • Position 5 = approximate notch frequency 500 hz
  • Position 6 = approximate notch frequency 400 hz


  • Inputs 1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs 1 x 1/4"
  • High Input Impedance (1M)
  • Low Output Impedance (10K)
  • Low power consumption, so the battery should last for months provided you unplug the guitar cable from the input jack when not in use.
  • Batteries 1 x 9V
  • DC Power Options: You may run this pedal on the (supplied) 9 volt battery OR ANY 9VDC regulated
    wall wart adapter with a standard 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel plug with Negative to Center Pin configuration
  • Measurements - 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2"
  • Weight 1 lbs.


In the course of a career as a guitarist there are often times when one thinks 'Why don't they make a stomp box that is a combo boost / attenuator, but also make my humbuckers sound like single coils when needed.' The Notch Rockit is a box that fulfills one of those 'Why don't they...' yearnings. It allows U to get your sound 'to the sweet place' without high volume levels and as if that's not enough it also gives U control over tuning in the perfect EQ for your own personal tone. All this in a very groovy looking retro stomp box. I've played them all and the Notch Rockit is the real deal!"

Vinnie Zummo / Joe Jackson Band / solo artist

"Love the Notch Rockit!. The boost worked perfectly. I could not detect any tone change at all - and I tried to get one! The notches were really cool. They gave the guitar an acoustic tone in positions 3 and 4. Really nice. Also, I really loved using it as an attenuator. I set my guitar's tone and volume where I wanted. I then set the pedal gain at around one o'clock. Then I start increasing the volume on my amp while backing down the volume on the pedal. I get the amp up to to 9-10 but at a reasonable volume and without affecting the tone. I'm way happy with the results. "

Michael Beck - email

Hey guys,

just received, opened, threw on my Fender DR and G & L Tele, and pounded out some stuff...just cuz I could. Anyway, I won't bore you with a long story, however, this is a killer pedal! Like a lot of us, I have purchased, and still have many fine pedals from many distiguished sources, always looking for that one that shapes the sound you hear in your head. Couple of Love Pedals(Eternity Fuze, Amp10), etc., etc. Guys, your pedal shapes tone like no other I have come across. It does just what the sound bites portrayed, unlike most others (to my ears). Thanks Andy for a great, no, exceptional addition to my board. I know for a fact I will eliminate a couple of pedals because of this!

Mike Willey - email

"There are many effects pedals in the hyperbole crusade of true bypass that claim to achieve sonic purity and unhampered guitar tone. And righteously, the Notch Rockit not only lives up to it's claims, but has a few additional surprises as well. I like my amp set fairly flat with just enough push to breakup according to my own playing dynamics, and I like to hear my 57 classics breathe. As I field tested the pedal; putting it through it's paces of each notch, tone, gain and volume settings, I noticed that the Notch Rockit not only acts as an excellent attenuator, but a clean boost and a subtle overdrive as well! Talk about having a truly functional pedal in your arsenal? With the Notch Rockit, I've got a clean boost with overdrive, an attenuator and a box of tone shaping all in one!"

Matt Mead

Close up of AD822 FET based Op Amp

Close up of the ds used for the notch filters