Rothstein Guitars does meticulous work with extreme attention to detail. They are not happy with the end result of the work until you are happy with it. I have given them some strange work to do, not your standard repair stuff, and they have always come through with great work. I can be tough on guitar repairmen as I am very particular about what I like on my axes but he has come through every time with great work on any guitar I brought in. In a time when guitar mod/repairmen have gained a mythic status with an attitude to match, Rothstein Guitars is a pleasure to deal with.

Vinnie Zummo - Pro Guitarist - New York, NY - http://www.vinniezummo.com

  • Vinnie Zummo is a pro guitarist, producer, writer, arranger, sound designer, creator of custom hip-hop drum loops, accordion, & chromatic harmonica player. Currently, top call session player and composer in the NYC area. Vinnie has recorded with many including Joe Jackson, Shawn Colvin, Roger Daltry, Paul Carrack and Marti Jones to name a few.

I finally was able to have some time to get that pre-wired Strat assembly you put together for me, with the Lindy Fralin single coils, installed on the guitar it was intended for. I did that yesterday. You do phenomenal work. All someone needs to do is turn over a pickguard and look at the attention to detail and the solder joints, the wire you use, how cleanly everything is installed. I'm glad I found you on the Internet, and very happy with your work.

Thank you. You guys do great work. I'd recommend you and Rothstein Custom Guitars to anyone.

Take care,

Ken Pullen

When I found your site I was looking for a volume/pan/tone assembly like your JBB unit. However after browsing through your very informative web site and studying the various options, the JX5 looked like it would not only do what I wanted, but might also offer some additional tonal versatility. The sound clips on your site convinced me to give the JX5 a try, so I ordered one five days ago.

The JX5 assembly arrived today -- I was very impressed with the fast turnaround! The unit was very well packaged and the instructions were exceptionally clear and easy to follow and it only took me 15 minutes to install (including the time it took to find the proper screwdriver and my elusive soldering gun).

I installed this on a 1999 MIM five-string and I am amazed at the different tones it offers -- and I haven't even fiddled with the tone knob yet! The #1, #2 and #5 positions satisfy my original desire of
having a quicker, easier way of combining pickup signals than fiddling with two volume knobs. However, in the #3 position it thumps like a P bass (just like your web site says) and at #4 I get a bright, funky sound that I swear sounds like a vintage Rickenbacker. For the very reasonable price of your JX5 unit I feel like I am getting three basses in one!

You have a very well-designed, easy to use and informative web site, fast order fulfillment, concise, well-illustrated installation instructions, and an outstanding, high quality product.

Thank you -- I couldn't be happier!

Mark Tully

I´m swept off my feet.
Fralins: Unbelievably balanced, very smooth, 3 dimensional, clear, nice mellow sound with highly defined highs and basses. Just as I hoped they might sound. A very nice alternative to my two other strats, which are equipped with Van Zandts and Joe Bardens.

Voodoo tone: As I tinkered with the settings I loved very much to select a combo of neck/bridge or all 3 pickups together. I love the neck/bridge combo the best! This gives me a nice Telecaster tone with attitude. With all 3 pickups on, the sound is slight hollow and unique. As for the neck pickup alone, I prefer the sound with a moderate mid-boost EQ setting around 7-8, but cutting off the mids a bit is a very nice feature too (i.e. "The wind cries Mary" on 3,5 - 4). So this strat now is the most versatile of all.

Pre-wired harness: very neat and accurate work, due to the well fixed copper shield, I don't suffer hum or noise at all.

All in all : two thumbs up. Thank you very much.

Regards from Germany

Rothstein Guitars refinished my 1970 Gibson EB-3L, and the results were remarkable! It never fails to impress everyone that sees it, in fact it's so incredible that i chose to picture it on the back on my HOLYLAND CD.

Tony Senatore, Cliffside Park, NJ

"Not only do these pre- wired harnesses have superior workmanship and only the best components, Rothstein Guitars provided a superior level of service seldom found on the internet today. Providing painstaking attention to detail, these pre wired harnesses do qualify as eye candy. Phenomenal sounds taking you back to what you'd expect: from vintage authority to the demanding sounds of the modern guitarist. All work and components are fully guaranteed. Guitar-Mod. com has gained my full trust and I'm spreading the news......"

Pete Pitre
freelance musician and composer.

I fitted the Fat Tuesday last night. I have a strat with Fender Texas specials in the Neck and Middle and a Seymour Duncan little 59 in thebridge. I have a Fender TBX tone control in the middle pot position and the Fat Tuesday near the jack plate socket. It sounds great particularly in the bridge position, I can really get that Clapton / Bluesbreakers sound on a strat. It sounds wicked!!!


Just a quick email to confirm I’ve received the strat harness fitted with DiMarzio Virtual Vintage pickups. I’ve had my US Strat for over 10 years and after fitting the harness it sounded SO much better! Every pickup combination is fantastic, and the modified tone setup is great. Comparing your quality wiring job with that of the original strat harness highlighted what a great job you do on these. The pickups are extremely clear and have no hum at all. Also, I’d never realised how much dropping the volume affected my tone until putting your system in which retains the highs perfectly.

An absolute class act and I’ll be recommending all my friends with strats order a harness from you straight away! I wish I’d bought this years ago.


Andrew B.

You have good timing. I just installed the Virtual Vintage assembly last night into a Jeff Beck strat. The workmanship on this thing is second to none. The tone is to die for and the output is stronger than I thought it was going to be, and this is a good thing, as I was worried it might not be as hot as the rest of the arsenal. The toggle switch in humbucking mode is really hot and a little dark which sounds really good. This assembly is pro all the way, and actually blows my EMG David Gilmore assembly out of the water. Imagine how delighted I was to hear that.

Hats off to you and Dimarzio!


I installed the Fralin harness in a Mexican Strat today, I'm speechless. After playing Strats for 35 years I FINALLY have a tone that pleases me. Would take this guitar over an American made anyday with this harness. Extremely neat solder connections and wire dressing which I can appreciate. Thanks again for the great harness and carefree Ebay transaction. Favorable feeback left for you.
South Canaan, PA

I received the Super 4 Way Tele assembly today.I installed it right away and I am very pleased with it.It is awesome!! I built this guitar about 10 years ago and have experimented with it a lot and never could get the sound I was looking for.Now I feel like I have something very special. Thanks very much,
Fletcher, OH

One of the BIGGEST reasons I ordered the pre-wired Telecaster harness was because it is the ONLY complete solution available on the web, or anywhere for that matter! I collect and play electric guitars, and with this "complete solution", I can offer the next owner of my telecaster the option of either playing the Tele with Rothstein's incredible Super 4-way Tele Pre-wired harness or replacing the original harness with the same ease as installing the Super 4-way Tele pre-wired harness- it's a perfect solution for the collector! and player!

Tyngsboro, MA

First of all I have to tell you the wiring harness I got for my telecaster was top notch. I ordered the unit with the hoveland capacitor. I'm using a lindy fralin blues special in the neck, and a steel pole 43 in the bridge. When I plug this thing in it's like a Ferrari went by or something, everybody's head just turns, and they get that Scooby doo look on there face.

John D.