11 Sound H-S-S Strat with Dial-A-Tap

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  • The first pot is a master volume
  • The first tone control is a master tone which controls all pickups and contains a "neck-on" switch (push-pull) to engage the neck pickup at any point.
  • The lower pot is actually a no-load "Dial-A-Tap" which means you can dial in just the right amount of the split humbucker. It will short out the "screw coil" and leave in the "slug coil" (the slug coil is the one furthest from the bridge). The slug coil will give you the most "quack" when combined with the middle pickup.
  • Observe the following 11 pickup combinations.
    • Note: the red and blue in my diagram below indicates opposite polarity. Whenever you see 2 pickups on together where one is red and the other is blue, it means that position is hum-canceling.



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