Fat Tuesday Active Midrange Boost

The FT-375 is an active EQ circuit made from the highest quality electronic components. The FT-375 is a lower midrange presence control providing approximately 17db variable boost at 375 hz. The tone can be described as loud, deep and full, which is really useful to kick in to fatten up a guitar solo.

It is very compact measuring only 1” by 1”. This is significantly smaller than much of the active circuitry on the market. You will not need to route out your guitar to fit the circuit, but you may need to do some routing to make room for a battery. Fat Tuesday is completely encased in Epoxy, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally shorting out the circuit.

Plot of FT375 Frequency Response
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The kit includes all of the following:

Some recent customer feedback:
  • Hi Andy, I fitted the Fat Tuesday last night. I have a strat with Fender Texas specials in the Neck and Middle and a Seymour Duncan little 59 in thebridge. I have a Fender TBX tone control in the middle pot position and the Fat Tuesday near the jack plate socket. It sounds great particularly in the bridge position, I can really get that Clapton / Bluesbreakers sound on a strat. It sounds wicked!!!
  • Andy: I installed it this morning (and afternoon). The Fat Tuesday does what it says on the box, and especially with the Vintage Hot pickups, I get that extra bluesy sound I wanted from my neck pickup on about 3-4. I love the middle pickup so much I can't improve it. My 9K bridge unbucker cranks up to a "Crossroads" paf sound with the Fat Tuesday on about 7. Just awesome, it rips, but without the overdriven sound of turning up the amp too much.
  • Wow, I absolutely love what the Fat Tuesday has done to my Strat. I can dial in just the right amount of mids at the right time. Keep up the great work.

Note: We recommend this be installed by a competent repair person, unless you are comfortable with electronics.

Example Application in Strat style guitar

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As you can see it is small enough to mount onto the pickguard of a Strat style guitar

With a just a little bit of routing, you can make some room for a battery. On this guitar we routed to slightly extend the rear cavity. This will be totally covered by the spring plate so you will never see the battery, but changing the battery is still pretty convenient.

On this Tele, observe how the pot and optional active/passive switch are located over by the neck pickup. This does ofcourse require some routing, but I find this to be really convenient from a playing standpoint.