Available for both Jazzmaster and Strat Style Guitars

Rothstein Guitars is proud to announce the availability of very high quality 2 mil thick copper pickguard shields. These are the same copper pickguard shields that come with our famous prewired assemblies. These are made of very thick copper (much thicker than foil) and laser cut. They will fit perfectly into any genuine Fender Strat pickguard or aftermarket replacement pickguard. This is a nice upgrade over the cheap and thin foil you see in most pickguards. They are easy to install and will go a long way in minimizing noise!

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Theses shields were patterned after a USA Fender Jazzmaster pickguard. Observe the shield directly next to the underside of a Fender guard.

Below is a Strat Shield.

Check out our YouTube Installation Video!!


You will use spray adhesive (personally, I like 3M Adhesive) and glue the shield to the back of your pickguard. I prefer to roll it out with a rolling pin, but this isn't mandatory. Any excess glue can be cleaned with either naphtha or a similar cleaner.

The next step is to cut out the holes to match your pickguard using an exacto blade , and you are ready to install the electronics.