Available in multiple configurations

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Since 2002, Rothstein Guitars has been building high quality prewired "drop-in" assemblies for Fender P & J basses. These use only the finest electronic components, and offer player a great degree of versatility. All components are treated with Caig Deoxit for long trouble free use. Read about the available wiring configurations below. Strat assemblies come loaded with the finest pickups by manufacturers including Joe Barden, Lindy Fralin, Curtis Novak, Arcane, McNelly and DiMarzio. Our P & J assemblies are also available with a solderless option, making installation a snap!


We are offering the following configurations for Fender Jazz Bass (6 different configurations)


J1 - This stock/traditional Fender Jazz bass wiring (vol, vol, tone)


JSP - This is a very cool way to switch between the classic j-bass sound featuring both pickup in parallel, or the more punchy p-bass sound featuring both pickups in series. This is our most popular offering (vol, vol, tone - where the 1st pot is a push/pull pot for S/P switching)

JX5 - This is an extremely versatile and unique setup for a jazz bass but you get to keep your vintage look too! It features a 5 position rotary switch which will provide youwith the neck pickup alone when dialed fully counterclockwise and the bridge pickup alone when dialed fully clockwise. In between you get to combine the 2 pickups together in 3 different ways: parallel, series, and out of phase. This configuration comes with a master volume and master tone making it easier to adjust the volume of the entire instrument from one pot. Here is a detailed breakdown of the 5 way selector switch: position 1: neck pickup alone; position 2: neck and bridge in parallel (hum-cancelling) - classic j-bass tone; position 3: neck and bridge in series (hum-cancelling) - louder with more midrange punch. Very p-bass like; position 4: neck and bridge in series, yet out-of-phase (not hum-cancelling). This is a very unique and cool effect. The sound with be thinner and lower in volume; position 5: bridge pickup alone. CHECK OUT SOME SOUND SAMPLES OF THE JX5.

JBB - This popular configuration features a blend control also known as "pan pot" to blend the 2 pickups, as well as a master volume and master tone.

62J (1962 Jazz Bass Wiring) - This configuration come with 2 concentric/stacked pots, each one controlling volume and tone of an individual pickup. This is meant to drop into a 62 (or reissue) bass using a 3-hole control plate.

BLEND 62 - A mod to the aforementioned 62 Jazz Bass wiring. With this configuration the 1st pot is a balance/blend pot with center detent that allows you to blend in the 2 pickups and the 2nd pot is a concentric/stacked pot to function as a master volume and tone.


We are offering the following configurations for Fender Precision Bass


Stock Wiring - All of our options for Fender Precision bass are based on stock Fender wiring, however you can opt to replace the standard tone with our MTB mid-scoop/tone switch.