DIY - Electronic Upgrade Kits for Guitars and Basses

Rothstein Guitars is proud to offer the highest quality electronic upgrade kits available for electric guitars and basses. These kits are intended for players looking to upgrade the cheap electronics present on many import guitars today, or for those who have elected to build their own custom masterpieces from Warmoth, USACG, Musikraft etc.

So what's so special about our kits? There are three things that set us apart from the rest:

CUSTOMIZEABLE: We are the only vendor offering customizeable kits. For example, on most of our strat kits you have an option to add a push-pull pot to function as either a neck-on switch, or a coil-tap in the case of a humb-single-single setup. In addition, we give you a great deal of choice regarding tone capacitors. By default, the capacitors that come with these kits are SBE Orange Drop, but we provide several updgrades for the discriminating player who will settle for nothing but the best of the best. For an upcharge you may select between Alessandro Wax & Paper capacitors , Vitamin Q Paper & Oil capacitors, and the ultra high quality V-Cap TFTF Teflon® Film and Foil capacitors. The price will vary depending upon which capacitor you select. Read about capacitor choices here.

QUALITY: All kits include only the highest quality components such as CRL Switches, Switchcraft Jacks, and CTS pots, as well as a treble retention circuit (aka volume kit) composed of a 1000 pf mallory 150-series capacitor in series with a 150K resistor.

NOT JUST STOCK WIRING: We provide kits for stock wiring like other vendors, but unlike out competitors we provide kits for all kinds of "hot-rod" wiring. For example, on a Strat you can opt for our very own "Voodoo Tone" set up which includes a passive midrange control. If you have a humb-single-single configuration you can go for a "dial-a-tap" setup. if you are looking to experiment with active electronics you can check out our Fat Tuesday setup.

EASY TO READ DIAGRAMS: Each of our kits includes an accurate and easy to read diagram. Check out some of our diagrams here.