Sound Samples of JX5 Prewired J-Bass Assembly

The JX5 is an extremely versatile and unique setup for a jazz bass featuring a 5 position rotary switch providing you with the following 5 pickup combinations: neck pickup alone, neck/bridge parallel, neck/bridge series, neck/bridge series/out-of-phase, and bridge alone. We recorded these sound samples using ProTools LE with a Mexican Jazz bass running direct into an M-Box audio interface. The Jazz bass is equipped with a set of Nordstand NJ4's. Special thanks to pheonomenal bassist Tony Senatore for his excellent playing!

Combined Sample - This sound sample features Tony cycling through 5 positions of the rotary switch so you can really hear the tonal difference between them. You will hear Tony play the same 2 measure phrase from Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" 5 times, each time moving from positions 1 - 5.

Position 1 - Neck pickup alone MP4 WAV
Position 2 - Neck/Bridge Parallel - classic J Sound (hum-cancelling) MP4 WAV
Position 3 - Neck/Bridge in Series - heavy sound with more mids - very P like (hum-cancelling) MP4 WAV
Position 4 - Neck/Bridge in Series/Out of Phase - thin and wonky, very unusual effect! MP4 WAV
Position 5 - Bridge Pickup alone MP4 WAV

read the FAQ about passive midrange controls

  • When the push-pull switch is down this functions as a standard tone control which cuts highs.
  • When the switch is in the up position it becomes a mid-sucker that scoops mids as you turn the knob counterclockwise.
  • SOUND CLIP: This sound clip plays the same 2 bar slap phrase 3 times :
    1. The first time the slap phrase is played in full treble mode
    2. The second time the same phrase is played in full bass mode. In other words, the push-pull switch is in the "down" position and the tone knob is rolled almost all the way down (to about 1).
    3. The third time the phrase is played in mid-cut mode and you will notice how the slaps and pops really jump out. To arrive at this setting, the push-pull switch is in the "up" positino and the tone knob is rolled almost all the way down (to about 1).