Sound Samples of Rothstein
Dual Dial-A-Tap Jazzmaster

With Novak JM-WR Pickups

With Novak JM-HC Pickups

All Samples By Vinnie Zummo (Vaz Music Records)
Rothstein Prewired w/Bypassable Dual Dial-A-Tap Harness With Curtis Novak JM-HC Pickups

Vinnie Zummo with Rothstein Custom JM

The Samples

We would like to thank virtuoso guitarist / producer Vinnie Zummo for these killer samples. All samples we're played and recorded by Vinnie Zummo, direct into protools using a Jazzmaster with a Rothstein Harness and Curtis Novak humbuckers. To demonstrate the versatility of sounds you can get with the setup, Vinnie created samples in many styles.






About Vinnie Zummo

Vinnie Zummo is long-time, top call NYC-based session player and composer. Well known for his extensive recording and touring work with Joe Jackson, Vinnie has also been featured soloist on other albums by: Art Garfunkel (Up Till’Now), Shawn Colvin (Fat City), Roger Daltrey (Rocks in The Head), Paul Carrack (Groove Approved), Marti Jones (Birthday Suit), Dee Carstensen (Regarding The Soul), Nenad Bach (Greatest Hits) Dawn Avery (True), Jamie de Roy (The Child In Me Vol.1 &2), Danny Wilensky (And Then Some) & Leslie Nuss (Action Hero Superstar) as well as the self-produced Modern Marriage by The Zummos on A & M Records and Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America (CD Baby). Vinnie has also worked extensively with producers - Mike Maineri (co-produced Why Worry Now with Mike on the Art Garfunkel album - Up Till Now.), Neil Dorfsman, Robin Millar, David Kershenbaum, Don Dixon, Mark Adler, Angelo Badalamenti and Francis Ford Coppola.

About the Wiring

BYPASSABLE DUAL DIAL-A-TAP CIRCUIT - This is very cool mod for a Jazzmaster requiring no physical modifications to the instrument. This configuration is specifically designed to work with Curtis Novak's humbucking Jazzmaster® pickups. My intention was to add a lot of versatility to the Jazzmaster. . Click to see a detailed control layout. With this setup, I find you can get a diverse range of sounds for styles of music ranging from punk to bebop to hard rock without sacrificing the required "twang" for that classic surf sound. The dual dial-a-tap controls allow you to blend in the desired amount of coil tap. When fully tapped the 2 pickups are still hum-canceling because one pot shorts the north coil of one pickup and the other pot shorts the south coil of the other pickup. In addition, the dial-a-tap is completely bypassable (think true bypass) using the slide switch.

No visible changes to the pickguard

Drop-in prewired Harness with our own copper shield

About the Pickups

CURTIS NOVAK JM-HC HUMBUCKERS - These are humbucking pickup constructed with rod magnets, and made to fit in a standard Jazzmaster pickup cover. No modifications to the guitar are required to use these pickups. Curt uses a standard PAF style Bobbin with jazzmaster rod magnets pressed into the bobbin which gives a rather unique sound. The design is similar to Fender's famed "Wide Range Humbuckers" of the 70's. When split, they give you a really classic fender style tone due to the use of the rod magnets. When the humbuckers are in "full mode" you get a great midrange punch.