Capacitor Selection

Most of our prewired assemblies are available with the choice of the following capacitor choices

VH Audio V-CAP TONE Series - Ultra High End Paper-In-Oil Capacitors (Made in USA)

VH Audio's new TONE series takes the time-honored PIO concept and reimagines it, with bleeding-edge manufacturing techniques and materials, American craftsmanship, and some serious experience designing what many audiophiles feel are the best high-end audio capacitors ever made.

V-Cap ODAM audio capacitors
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VH Audio began by figuring out why the best vintage caps worked so well. Then, they applied their knowledge of materials and manufacturing to extract the absolute deepest, most expressive tone your instrument is capable of. At the same time, they addressed obvious issues with reliability inherent to ‘vintage’ cap tech.

TONE is a ‘wet’ PIO capacitor, which means the winding isn't just impregnated, but also fully immersed in fluid, and then enclosed with mil-spec glass hermetic seals. Unlike many traditional ‘oil cap’ designs, your TONE series cap will NEVER dry out. The cap winding itself is made with the purest form of copper foil available, and since it’s encased inside a brass canister… it’s also fully shielded. This ‘bullet-proof’ construction, together with solid-core, pure copper leads makes installation a breeze.

A rigorous multi-step QC process ensures that the caps are consistent batch-to-batch and across values. One more refinement: you don’t have to wait for the caps to ‘leak’ before they sound good… we build them to sound GREAT, right out of the box.

Sozo Blue  Molded Capacitor

SoZo NextGen

SoZo NextGen Capacitors are great sounding caps and of excellent quality. They are available in Blue Molded and Yellow Mustard versions. Their Blue Molded caps are reproductions of the Astron or Blue Molded caps used in vintage Fender tweed, brown, and blackface amps. The Yellow Mustard caps are reproductions of Mullard/Phillips Mustard caps.

Sozo Blue  Molded Capacitor

Sozo Yellow Mustard Capacitor


SBE Orange Drop Capacitors have a long history of proven reliability. They are fine and reasonably priced capacitors which are well suited for guitar applications. These are made from polypropylene and aluminum foil and coated in the signature flame retardant orange epoxy.

Orange Drop Capacitor


USA Made NOS from 1959. We have these in .033 MFD only and we have this as an option for the Jazzmaster only.

NOS PIO Capacitor