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RGP Preamp Kit and Prewired System for Bass

The Rothstein RGP is a fully customizable wiring system including an ulta-high quality active EQ circuit designed for bass guitars with passive pickups. It is the only active system for bass with an option for a series/parallel switch. The series/parallel switch enables you to switch between the classic j-bass sound featuring both pickup in parallel, and the more punchy p-bass sound featuring both pickups in series. Each unit is custom made to order and therefore, fully customizable - you can pick from a variety of options. The 2 band preamp provides you with separate control over bass and treble frequencies. Each pot provides up to 12 db variable treble and bass boost/cut.  The bass and treble pots include a center detent and yield a "flat" response when in the center detent position.  Rotating the pot clockwise will provide a boost, and rotating the pot counterclockwise will cut as per the following frequencies:

  • Bass Frequencies: +/ - 12 db starting @ 25 Hz to 100 Hz.
  • Treble Frequencies: +/ - 12 db centered around 3 KHz but has significant boost To 10 KHz.

Fat Tuesday FT-375 Active Midrange Presence Control for Guitar

The FT-375 is an active EQ circuit made from the highest quality electronic components. It is a lower midrange presence control providing approximately 17db variable boost at 375 hz.   The tone can be described as loud, deep and full, which is really useful to kick in to fatten up a guitar solo. 

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