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Rothstein Custom 5 Way, 7 Sound Wiring for Nashville Style 3-Pickup Tele

Rothstein Custom 5 Way, 7 Sound Wiring for Nashville Style 3-Pickup TeleQuantity in Basket:none
Code: WKTL299

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Rothstein Custom 5 Way, 7 Sound Wiring for Nashville Style 3-Pickup Tele - WKTL299
Master volume, master tone w/push-pull, 5 way switch

This is meant for a 3 pickup Nashville style Tele, but this is NOT STOCK NASHVILLE WIRING. The wiring diagram enclosed provides you with 7 pickup combinations. Here is the way the 5 way switch works:

  • Pos 1 (far right) = Bridgehttp://www.guitar-mod.com/images/3PUP_7SOUND_TELE.gif
  • Pos 2= Bridge/Middle
  • Pos 3 = Middle
  • Pos 4 = Middle/Neck
  • Pos 5 = Neck

Furthermore, the tone pot is wired with a "neck-on" switch. When you pull up on the push-pull pot, it will enage the neck pickup regardless of which position the 5 way switch is in. This will give you 2 additional sounds.

  • When the 5 way switch is in position 1 and the push-pull is "up" you will get bridge/neck (that is a classic Tele sound)
  • When the 5 way switch is in position 2 and the push-pull is "up" you will get all 3 pickups on at the same time (a very cool sound!!)

This pro kit includes the following components:

  • (1) CTS solid shaft pot
  • (1) DiMarzio Push-Pull Pot
  • (1) 5-way switch
  • (1) Switchcraft output jack
  • (1) .047 uf capacitor - select between
    • SBE Orange Drop 715P series (no extra charge)
    • Alessandro High End vintage repro wax & paper capacitors
    • Vitamin Q Paper & Oil
    • V-Cap Teflon Film & Foil
  • (1) Premium Volume Kit (1000 pf Mallory 150 series cap w/150K resistor)
  • Vintage style cloth wire
  • Includes wiring diagram

Read about capacitor upgrades here:

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