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Due to increased demand for our services, current lead time is FOUR to FIVE weeks for custom wired assemblies. Thanks for your patience. Please read our terms and conditions prior to placing your order. Click here for our shipping policies and shipping rates.
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Prewired Jazzmaster - Vintage Wiring

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Copper Shield:
Volume Kit:
Bracket For Roller Pots:
Roller Knobs:
Bridge Pickup:
Neck Pickup:
Tone Caps:
Accessories (Vol/Tone Knobs + Pickup Covers):
Left handed:
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Traditional Jazzmaster® Wiring Harness

Introducing high quality prewired assemblies for the Jazzmaster®. Just like our highly regarded Strat, Tele and bass assemblies, these prewired Jazzmaster® assemblies use only the finest electronic components, and are even 'period correct' with regards to the color coding of the vintage style cloth wire. All components are treated with Caig Deoxit for long trouble free use. They feature our custom made copper shields, only available at Rothstein Guitars. Fair warning, these will not be inexpensive but they will be of the highest quality you can find and worth every penny.

Here is a link to a YouTube video a customer posted of one of a prewired assembly he purchased from us wthout pickups. He then installed Lollar pickups on his own.

Click on thumbnail to see larger image

If purchased with pickups, the pickups will come pre-connected.

How To Use This Online Ordering Page

  • All assemblies are custom built to your specs. This is an opportunity for you to select the options you want.

  • You will notice, the base price of a prewired assembly is $0. You will then proceed to add attributes to customize your prewired assembly. Some of the attributes are mandatory, and some are optional. To determine the final price, simply add the product to your online shopping basket, and then click the "basket contents" link in the navigational header at the top of the page. Have no fear, you are not committed to purchasing it until you actually use the checkout feature.

  • Mandatory Attributes - the following attributes are required to place an order for a custom prewired Jazzmaster assembly:
    • Top Quality Electronic Components & Professional Wiring including
        • CTS Pots - all treated with caig deoxit for long trouble free operation
        • Genuine Switchcraft Switches (both toggle and slide)
        • Switchcraft Jack
        • SBE Orange Drop Capacitors
        • Vintage style cloth wire in the correct colors (black, white, green, red, yellow and blue)
        • If ordering with pickups, this price includes the pickup covers (we stock white only)
        • Pro wiring job
    • Mounting bracket for the 2 roller pots
    • Copper Shield - very high quality 2 mil thick copper pickguard shields specifically for the Jazzmaster®
    • Roller Knobs for the roller pots
    • Accessories (Volume and Tone Knobs for the lead circuit + pickup covers) - select between white, black and cream
    • Pickguard -choose between Tortoise (USA vs. import), Gold Anodized (USA), white (USA), black (USA) and mint (USA).
      • Note 1- if you want us to special order another color, we can do so if you indicate such in the comments field.
      • Note 2- you can contact us via e-mail to arrange to send us your pickguard (andy@guitar-mod.com)

  • Optional Attributes - In addition, you may add the following optional attributes:
    • Volume Kit: a treble retention circuit will be added to the volume pot on the lead circuit, which will prevent the loss of highs experience when you lower your volume.
    • Pickups: Select from any model Jazzmaster pickup offered by Curtis Novak.


  • We carry a variety of pickups from the Jazzmaster. Rothstein Guitars is proud to be the only AUTHORIZED DEALER for Curtis Novak Pickups. In addition, we carry high quality JM pickups by Lindy Fralin, and Arcane. You are welcome to mix and match any combination of the Curtis Novak neck and bridge pickups, however please stick with one manufacturer for both the neck and bridge pickups to avoid potential phase issues.


    Jazzmaster® Replacement Pickup
    Wound to vintage specs


    Jazzmaster® / P-90 Replacement Pickup
    A P-90 style pickup made to fit in a Jazzmaster


    Telecaster® Bridge pickup made for the Jazzmaster form factor.


    Jazzmaster® / with Strat magnets and fatter wire.

    JM-CC Rod

    Jazzmaster® / Charlie Christian-style P-90
    A Charlie Christian-style P-90 made to fit in a Jazzmaster


    Jazzmaster® / PAF style Humbucker
    The guts of a PAF Humbucker made to fit in a Jazzmaster


    Jazzmaster® / Wide Range Humbucker
    A Widerange humbucking pickup with rod magnets made to fit in a Jazzmaster


    Lindy Fralin Jazzmaster® Replacement Pickup - choose between standard, Steel Poled, and hum-cancelling with Alnico magnets.
    ARCANE JM Arcane Jazzmaster® Vintage Pickup
    A great hand wound Jazzmaster pickup
    ARCANE J90 Arcane Jazzmaster® Jazz 90
    Fat Jazzmaster pickup built on a P90 platform. Great for the bridge position

Volume Kit

Copper Shield


We offer pickguards in white, mint, tortoise (** see note below) and genuine gold anodized which look killer. Here are a couple of pictures of our gold anodized pickguards photographed with different lighting.

    Gold Anodized Pickguards
    Click Thumbnail to See Larger Image

A Note About Fit

The pickguards we carry are manufactured by Fender and will drop right into any USA Fender Jazzmaster, however we now carry both the import and USA versions of the tortoise pickguard since it by far the most popular color choice. Upon special request, we can special order an import pickguard in another color such as white pearl. Please note the difference between between the pattern of the import and USA pickguards is relatively minor, however there are some differences with regards to color.

The image below will show the color variations between the USA vs the import tortoise pickguard. You can click on the image to see a larger version.


* IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT CELLULOID PICKUARDS (this applies to Tortoise Pickguards)

** Tortoise pickguards are made of Celluloid like you will see on vintage Fender guitars. This is the GENUINE stuff.  Please be aware that celluloid is very flammable, so please keep it away from flames. Celluloid is a solvent based plastic and it tends to shrink over the years. Many vintage Fender guitars are plagued with this phenomenon. Very often the material cups slightly, so that when placed on a flat surface its edges may be raised 1/4" to 1/2" above the surface. Even if they're cupped when they come out of the package, they can easily be screwed flat onto the guitar.


Knobs and Pickup Covers

  • Available in white, black and cream.

How Long Will It Take? - please read before ordering

All pickups will be special ordered from Curtis Novak and each assembly is wired and tested one at a time to your specs by hand. Our lead time on Jazzmaster assemblies is approximately 3 - 5 weeks. We will do our best to process your order as quickly as possible.

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